Tuesday, 28 February 2012

one step closer to be a BUSINESS WOMAN with Afiffah. insyaallah ;)

you know what ? just now, my friend Afiffah Shuhairah invite me to join an online business. and i already wanna join it but my parents didn't allow it. then, she ask me to convince my parents. then, i ask my father to allow me to join that business. then my dad said, up to me. yay ! already get my dad permission ! but, i and Afiffah didn't meet face to face yet. but, day by day, i'm getting closer to her. she such a friendly girl. she is my friend's cousin. so, we will open an account in CIMB bank. and Insyaallah we will start our business soon ! i wish our plan will success ! INSYAALLAH ! 


timekaseh sudi baca. satu bintang untuk anda !

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