Tuesday, 28 February 2012

look at him. (⌣́_⌣̀)

look at that. hurm, i don't know to explain more. he just to petty-minded. dude, oh please ! stop thinking like an idiot person will ya ? why ? is it wrong if we got a page ? dude, you also got your page right ? THE MAIN PURPOSE for create a page is not because we wanna be a HOTSTUFF. we didn't have no intention to be like that ! mostly, who create a page is a BLOGGER. it's because, they wanna spread the news easily. please think positive. no need to condemn others. you jealous ? just create a page for you then ! i'm fucking mad now you know ? and i know you will said this stupid words " ada aku kesah ? " fine ! i don't care what you wanna badmouth about person who got a page. up to you ! up to you how you wanna think about us. just go on with your stupid minded. okay dude ? judge us as you pleasure ! and i don't care ! i also have my OWN page. and my OWN perspective ! okay ? hurm.


timekaseh sudi baca. satu bintang untuk anda !

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