Sunday, 26 February 2012

i wish our plan gonna be succeed !

hurm, i don't know why. all of sudden, i feel longing towards my friends. my classmate. 5INTAN5 & 5INTAN6. though we always fight, it such a damn sweet memory ! 
just now, i posted at our class pages. 
" 5INTAN5 & 5INTAN6 collaboration"
i suggest to make a BBQ party. and i'm serious. and i wish they will respond and provide some cooperation. alhamdulillah, norida, izyan and alea shows some respond. they replied my comment. and we plan it immediately.  i suggest the party will be held after we take our exam result. (SPM). and insyaallah our result will be announce on 7hb March. and we will make our BBQ party on 8hb March. hurm, you know what ? i feel like i'm going to die. HAHA i don't know why. thats why i wanna meet them freaking much ! so, insyaallah, our plan gonna be succeed ! INSYAALLAH ! 

my ENGLISH : BROKEN ENGLISH. sorry. just wanna improve my english :)


timekaseh sudi baca. satu bintang untuk anda !