Saturday, 25 February 2012

HOTSUTFF ? Oh! No! (Hotstuff VS Twitfamous)

hehe, evening readers ! how's your day ? is it OKAY ? or KAY.O ? HAHA i wish your day is WONDERFUL as my day. lol. okay, refer to my tittle up there, " HOTSTUFF ? Oh! No! ", hurm, YES ! i'm totally jealous toward HOTSTUFF in my facebook. they are damned famous ! once they update their status, or their photo, they will get hundreds of LIKE ! not like me. sometimes, no one LIKE my activity. and sometimes just a few of them. Forever Alone ? nope ! ALLAH is always with me. he is my COMPANION. hehe. see ? my blog also not have many visitor. once i shared my blog, there will be a few of my friend will read my entry. and sometimes, there's NO ONE ! damn ! 


hey HOTSTUFF, do not too show off with what you have. HAHA try signing up TWITTER and bring your HOTNESS there. you know what ? you HOT in facebook, then you will DOWN in twitter. WHY ?


noted this : in FB, if you're handsome or beautiful or whatnot, and you update a ridiculous status, your friend will LIKE it because they know, you're a HOTSTUFF in facebook. in spite of you just update one WORD, they will also LIKE it. you don't believe it ? ask them (hotstuff) to post one WORD and look at how many likes they get. i'm pretty sure they will get many LIKES. seriously.  BUT ! in TWITTER, if you update a ridiculous tweet, you will NEVER EVER EVER EVER NEVER get a retweet from your friend. in TWITTER, anyone who wants to be a HOTSTUFF, their tweet must be a AWESOME tweet. like you tweet a fact ? or a funny tweet ? or a nice quotes ? then, you will get many followers and retweet ! believe me. this is based on my experience. but, in twitter, HOTSTUFF doesn't have meaning. they will called as a TWITFAMOUS.  one of them is @OhhgoditsKYO or @iAppleMustache or @akbarazman or @AnisAshaari . yeah ! their tweet is damned AWESOME ! once they tweet, they will get many retweet. they also got many followers. though they will not follow their followers back, it's kinda worth if we follow them. our timeline will not be bored because of their AWESOME tweet. not just only them, there is many more twitfamous ! so, hotstuff in facebook, do you already have a damn AWESOME tweet to be a twitfamous in twitter ? LOL. just try. who knows, you are the one of them (twitfamous) ? LOL

p/s : my ENGLISH is categorized as a BROKEN english. i just wanna improved my english. hehe. 


timekaseh sudi baca. satu bintang untuk anda !

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