Wednesday, 29 February 2012

a day with Wawa, Mira & Engku

last night, wawa's mom ( ibu ) went to Johor. so, ibu ask me to accompany wawa today. me, engku and mira go lepak-ing at wawa house. we plan to cook what we call this ?? urm, something like " daging masak kicap ". HAHA and that was my plan. but i didn't cook. just help them by read Daging Masak Kicap recipe. at first, after finishing all of the ingredient and we started cook. and when i taste it, i was like, gosh ! what the hell is this ? it's damn spicy ! and my throat started to sore. yulk !! after that, we add some Sos Tiram and its getting okay ! next menu ? Daging Masak Kunyit. HAHA the easiest one ! lastly, i warm up Johorean food - MANDAI. i love it ! its made from kulit cempedak. after some procedure, i just need to fry it. yum ! so delicious. we all finished all of the dish. alhamdulillah ! we all full now. and this is how our dish looks alike ! 

hoho ! yum yum !that yellow one, in the plate is that what we called MANDAI ! love it !

my ENGLISH : broken ENGLISH. yeah i know ;)


timekaseh sudi baca. satu bintang untuk anda !

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