Monday, 27 February 2012

alhamdulillah. its over now !

today is my turn to sit on motorcycle test. and i'm freaking scared ! what would happen if i failed the test ? oh no! i can't imagine what will happen. i'm scared to death. my hand was so cold and always in wet. my leg ? always shaking. and when its my turn to ride the motorcycle, my leg didn't stop from shaking. my heartbeat is pounding ! but, a few minutes later, alhamdulillah. ALLAH help me. i passed the test ! and now, i didn't need to shuttle to WIMOZAD anymore. no more ! its OVER now ! driving test is what i fear the most ! thanks to Wawa because accompany me to WIMOZAD. i called her as my Pom Pom Girl. lol. can't wait my license ! auwww !


timekaseh sudi baca. satu bintang untuk anda !

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    jom baca hehe